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How to invoice and bookkeep with Conta

You can send invoices and do your company's accounting from Conta. You can do everything by yourself, or you can hire an accountant to do some, or all, of your bookkeeping.

Marte Vasbotten

You can send invoices and do your company’s accounting from Conta. You can do everything by yourself, or you can hire an accountant to do some, or all, of your bookkeeping.

First of all, you need an account in Conta to send invoices or do your bookkeeping. Don’t have one yet? Register here. You can choose between Norwegian and English when logged into the software.

Once you have logged in you can send invoices to your customers, register purchases and payments, send your VAT report and other reports required. 

Invoices in Conta

You can send invoices from all subscription types in Conta. Intro, Standard and Smart. Intro is a limited subscription that gives you up to 20 invoices before you have to upgrade. In Standard and Smart you can send unlimited invoices. 
See subscription and prices

In Norway, you have to use numbered invoice templates or use invoice software when you send invoices. All invoices must have a different invoice number, and in ascending order. You can start with any number you like on your first invoice, but the second must be the next number in line. For example if your first invoice has 101 as their invoice number, the second will have the number 102. 

When using Conta for making invoices, you just need to fill out the necessary fields and send it to your customer. You can download the invoice as a PDF, send it by email from the system, by post or as an electronic invoice (only available for Standard and Smart). 

Accounting in Conta

You can do your accounting in Conta using either Standard or Smart subscription. In Norway, all companies with an income over NOK 50 000 kr must keep accounts. 

To keep track of your accounting make sure to register all purchases and payments.

It is also important to pay attention to deadlines for reports and taxes. See all deadlines here

Find an accountant 

Conta has over 150 accountant partners in Norway. They can help you with your bookkeeping. It does not matter if you just need a little help or help with everything. That is up to you. Find an accountant.

Salary in Conta

Does your company have any employees? With Contas salary software, Tritt, you can run salaries, send out payslips and submit a-melding (employee report). Tritt is only available in Norwegian at this moment.  

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